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What is a root canal treatment?


Teeth consist of hard and soft tissues. The hard tissues in the tooth’s crown are the enamel on the outer surface and the dentine tissue under it. The root part is covered with cementum outside and dentin tissue underneath. The hard tissue complex consisting of enamel, cementum, and dentine; It surrounds a cavity made up of connective tissue containing vessels and nerves. This cavity is called the pulp cavity, and the connective tissue in it is called the pulp.

The pulp is the tissue that gives vitality to a tooth, responsible for the development, nutrition, and defense of the tooth. The pulp can become inflamed for various reasons or become infected with the establishment of microorganisms. In this case, the pulp tissue should be removed; the canal cavity should be cleaned, shaped, and filled with tissue-friendly canal filling materials. These procedures are defined as root canal treatment.

How is pulp tissue infected?

All foods and beverages contain amounts of sugar and acid. These acids damage enamel and dentin. When the tooth decays formed in this way are left untreated, the bacteria progress to the dentine’s pulp tissue and cause inflammation. Another reason is that blood circulation may be interrupted due to a severe blow to the tooth. Consequently, the pulp tissue loses its vitality over time. Untreated dental diseases also trigger this infection.

What are the reasons for tooth root canal treatment?

Is it painful to have a tooth root canal treatment?

Local anesthesia will numb the teeth and its surrounding tissues, so, The patient will not feel pain during treatment.

Will there be pain after root canal treatment?

After removing a tooth’s pulp with root canal treatment, there will be no pain in the tooth against external stimuli such as cold-hot.

Can a tooth with root canal treatment become inflamed again?

The root canals may become infected again if the bacteria leak into the root canals due to several reasons, such as the formation of new decay in the tooth or the formation of a fracture in the tooth’s filling, depending on the oral hygiene of the patient.

How long is the life of a tooth with root canal treatment?

With proper oral and dental care, a tooth with the right root canal treatment can be used for a lifetime.

The patient should pay exceptional oral and dental care to prevent the risk of decay reformation.

Also, dentist appointments should not be neglected.


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