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Family Dentistry

Affordable Family Dentist in Mason, Montgomery & Cincinnati 

Looking for family dentistry in Cincinnati, Ohio? Kings Dental is here for you! We are proud to provide technology forward dentistry and walk-in appointments for everyone over the age of 10.  

Early dental care is crucial for maintaining good oral health throughout life. By starting regular dental check-ups at a young age, children can learn proper oral hygiene habits and prevent dental issues before they become more serious. Early detection of dental problems can also help in addressing them promptly, preventing pain and discomfort. Additionally, early dental care can help in monitoring the growth and development of children's teeth and jaws, ensuring proper alignment and preventing future orthodontic issues. 

Kings Dental understands that your schedule is anything but ordinary. That is why we offer walk-in dentist appointments and same day scheduling. Your family doesn’t have time to wait in the event of a dental emergency. 

Whether you are looking for a convenient dental cleaning and exam or dental implants, we offer walk-in appointments to accommodate your busy schedule. Don’t push off your dental care, Kings Dental fits your schedule! 

Need dental services for your whole family? Contact Us!

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