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Prostheses are appliances made by dentists to help preserve the health of existing tissues in the mouth while restoring the chewing functions, contribution to speech, and aesthetics of lost teeth and tissues. This denture need is not limited to an age group. The patients from Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, and Southeastern Indiana who needs dentures always choose Kings Dental to receive the best treatment in the area and nearby.

What is the function of the dentures?

The purpose of the dental prosthesis is to restore lost functions. Correction of impaired speech function and aesthetic appearance is provided with a dental prosthesis. Apart from these, the recovery of oral health to a great extent provides the patient’s self-confidence to return psychologically.

What are the types of dentures?

There are multiple types of dentures to solve different dental problems listed below:

Removable Dentures: 

These types of prostheses have a feature that allows the patient to attach and remove their prostheses. Removable prostheses continue their functions by taking support from the soft tissues in the mouth as well as the intact teeth in the mouth. They are a type of prosthesis that can be made in accordance with the needs of the patient and the number of missing teeth, as well as in cases where all teeth are missing.

Partial Dentures:

It can be put on and removed by the patient himself/herself. Partial prosthesis, also defined as partial prosthesis, provides functionality as well as an aesthetic appearance when replaced by lost and missing teeth. Partial dentures are mostly made of acrylic and one-piece cast. It is attached to existing teeth with crochet wires. A precision-fitting aesthetic prosthesis can be applied to hide the wire appearance.

Immediat Protheses:

Immediate prostheses, also known as temporary prostheses, are applied to eliminate the aesthetic anxiety caused by extracting natural teeth. When the teeth are first pulled, swelling occurs in the oral tissues. It is necessary to wait for these tissues to return to normal before a permanent prosthesis is made. During this process, the patient’s permanent prostheses are also prepared. With the completion of tissue healing, immediate prostheses become incompatible with the mouth and permanent prostheses are applied to the person.

How long does it take to get used to wearing dentures?

When the prosthesis is used for the first time, the feeling of a huge mold in the mouth, foreign substance, and nausea may occur. While talking, there may be a feeling that the tooth will come out. Language tends to constantly play with these new teeth and try to dislodge them. All these feelings will pass within a few days. But, if further complaints occur after a couple of days, you should visit Kings Dental, Cincinnati.

Is it possible to talk normally while wearing dentures?

Prostheses can cause changes in the mouth, such as difficulty in the pronunciation of some sounds. In this case, reading out loud and in front of the mirror should be done and words that cannot be spoken correctly should be repeated and tried to be normalized. The dentists in Kings Dental, Cincinnati will inform you about how to solve these kinds of situations.

How to care for dental prothesis or dentures?

All prosthesis types need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent future dental health problems and to extend the life of the prosthesis. Removing and cleaning the dentures every day, brushing the tongue, palate, and gum with a toothbrush will help keep the dentures and your mouth clean and fresh.

Further questions about dentures?

If you have further questions about dentures or want to make an appointment, you can fill the form on our website or call Kings Dental Clinic on 7/24! We are ready to solve all your dental problems in Cincinnati.


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