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Temporary Bridges

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Temporary Bridges


Teeth bridges are an old method used in the treatment of dental diseases. The simple and long-term bridge process applied after tooth fractures, tooth decay, and tooth loss offers effective solutions.

Materials used in making a dental bridge:

In bridge construction, material selection is made according to the tooth condition. The dentist decides on the most suitable material and informs the patient about the use of the material.

And also, it has various options such as a metal-supported bridge.

Why use a temporary crown or bridge?

While the teeth are being prepared for the use of a crown or bridge, some tooth cuts can be made according to the patient’s oral condition. Restorations made to protect the natural teeth and to provide temporary aesthetics and function of the patients are called temporary restorations. Appliances that are used in the period between the tooth cutting phase of the bridges to be made on the teeth and the cementation of the prosthesis, which is mandatory for prosthetic treatment, are called temporary bridges.

What are the reasons for the use of temporary bridges? 

There are multiple reasons for the use of temporary bridges. These factors are as follows:

How long does it take to change temporary bridges?

The use of a temporary bridge continues until the dental bridge is prepared specifically for the patient in the laboratory. Temporary bridges are not a solution, so they have low durability with the material used. Temporary bridge teeth are not preferred for those who need a long bridge and those who will have a bridge for their back teeth. A period of several weeks is usual, with testing of actual bridge use and removing any blemishes if they occur.

What are the advantages of bridges? 

What are the prices of dental bridges?

Fees for bridge teeth vary according to the material to be used and the type of bridge to be applied. The cost for a simple bridge tooth procedure is quite low. However, the cost may increase in bridge teeth made with zirconium material. The number of teeth to be bridged by the patient is also among the factors affecting the treatment price.

Do you have further questions?

If you have more questions about temporary bridges and the treatment process, you can consult Kings Dental, Cincinnati via phone or filling the form on our website.

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