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Reaching the perfect smile with Restorative Treatment in Cincinnati

Having a bright smile makes everyone fearless. Specialized dentists of Kings Dental are here for restoration treatment in Cincinnati

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Reaching the perfect smile with Restorative Treatment in Cincinnati


Teeth are one of the most significant features on the face and having dental diseases and restore them affects a person’s self-confidence.

Solving these problems for a healthier life is as important as the clinic you choose. In need of Restoration Treatment in Cincinnati and its near areas, you can trust Kings Dental which has experts to take care of your teeth and restore all the problems.

What is the restoration treatment?

Restorative dental treatment means the repair and treatment of the hard tissue losses in the teeth caused by caries or non-caries reasons. It is a dental treatment that restores the patient’s aesthetic and functional loss.

Many techniques are used in restorative dental treatment such as pre-prosthetic restoration, smile design, porcelain aesthetic fillings, direct and indirect composite treatment.

What is a restorative dental filling?

Restorative dental fillings are tooth-colored white fillings. The fact that the amalgam filling is gray-black and the appearance of caries has made it possible to prefer the restorative dental filling, also called an aesthetic filling. The aesthetic fillings, which provide an aesthetic appearance in the teeth with their white color, are very long-lasting and are much healthier than amalgam fillings due to their biocompatibility.

Another type of restorative treatment is porcelain fillings. While composite fillings are preferred for the anterior regions, porcelain fillings are used for the back teeth because of their resistance to a hard structure such as tooth enamel and biting force. Aesthetic pre-fillings, also known as bondings, are frequently used to extend the tooth length or to close unwanted tooth gaps.

Another application used in restorative dental treatment is tooth whitening. It is a treatment method applied to eliminate the discoloration on the teeth and provide them a white appearance.

As can be seen from the paragraph above, restorative treatment has multiple options, and Kings Dental in Cincinnati is a leader in restorative treatment, just like other dental diseases.

Who is a good candidate for restoration treatment?

By making an appointment with your doctor at Kings Dental, Cincinnati, you can find out if you are eligible for restorative dental treatment. Specialist doctors are the people who will provide the best information on this subject. In light of current research, restoration treatment is compatible with many ages. In some cases, it is particularly preferred in patients over 65 years of age.

What should be considered after restoration dental treatment?

After restorative dental treatment, there are no special rules you should pay attention to. The formation of sensitivity in the tooth after filling depends on how big and how deep the decay is. After fillings for deep and large bruises, sensitivity may be felt for a temporary period of 2-3 days.

Further questions about restoration treatment?

If you are seeking more questions about restorative treatment, you can contact Kings Dental on our website by filling the form or call for a doctor’s appointment in Cincinnati. We’ll be contacting you on 7/24!


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