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Professional Dental Cleaning in Ohio

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Professional Dental Cleaning in Ohio


Oral care should be done regularly in order to protect oral and dental health in every period of life from childhood to adulthood and to prevent gum diseases, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Oral and dental care includes elements such as regular tooth brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning. These cleaning practices should be done after each meal and should not be neglected.

In addition, as a result of not performing oral and dental care regularly or due to some environmental factors, stains or tartar may occur on the teeth. In this case, dental cleaning applications with the use of special equipment by dentists are required. 

In order to detect and treat any condition that may threaten tooth and gingival health at an early stage, it should be checked by a dentist every six months and it should be learned whether any treatment is necessary. 

What are the results of unregular dental cleaning?

Tooth brushing is applied for purposes such as cleaning bacterial plaques, removing food residues on the teeth, and neutralizing the acidic pH in the mouth. If oral and dental care practices are not performed regularly, these bacterial plaques formed on the teeth remain for a long time. This causes both tartar formation and tooth decay. 

Tartars have a very hard structure and require dental cleaning procedures by dentists as they cannot be removed by normal tooth brushing. Due to some reasons such as smoking, frequent consumption of tea and coffee, discoloration of teeth that cannot be removed by brushing may also occur. 

How to clean teeth?

Professional teeth cleaning is done by dentists, and a detailed oral examination is required before this process. 

Before cleaning, dental problems, if any, are eliminated and the mouth is made healthy. 

Tartar and plaque on the tooth surface are cleaned using various tools. These tools do not damage the tooth enamel and are only effective in removing plaque and tartar that have covered the tooth surface. 

After the process, a clean and smooth appearance can be obtained on the surface. In addition to plaque and tartar cleaning, some applications for whitening and polishing teeth with discoloration can also be applied if deemed necessary by dentists. 

Cleaning the teeth is of great importance in terms of preventing problems such as gingivitis, and thus preventing problems that can progress to gum recession and tooth loss. 

Professional Dental Cleaning in Ohio

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