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Preventive Dentistry in Ohio

Preserving dental health is the key to the brightest smiles.

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Preventive Dentistry in Ohio


Preventive dentistry is the base of dentistry as well as all health services. The goal is to keep the teeth healthy throughout the whole life. Problems that may occur over time are prevented by preventive dentistry practices. Existing problems; if there are any, are treated. The success of the treatment is supported and it is tried to be maintained.

At this point, the most significant part is to detect all dental problems in advance with regular dentist appointments and to prevent dental health before is completely harmed. For example, caries that start from the tooth interface in an adult patient can be resolved with a small dental filling. But if it is delayed, it can result in root canal treatment or even tooth extraction.

Caries that occur in milk teeth during childhood can easily rot adjacent teeth and affect the area before new teeth appear. Therefore, the formation of crooked teeth can be seen. Preventive dentistry specializes in solving these problems before they happen.

At the same time, choosing dental products and applying them should be consulted to a dentist to support dental health.

What procedures does preventive dentistry perform?

In addition to the oral and hygiene training that a patient can apply throughout her/his life, preventive dentistry also includes routine controls and necessary treatments. 

After solving the health problems in the mouth, the dentist informs the patient about the problems that may occur in the future, such as caries, and how to prevent them.

Who are the suitable candidates for preventive dentistry?

There is no age limit in the field of preventive dentistry. Because it is very important for the patient to receive oral and hygiene education while still a child, and to eliminate dental problems if present. However, education in adult patients is imperative to prevent future dental problems. 

Preventive Dentistry for Children

In dentistry services, preventive dentistry and treatments are divided into two. Preventive dentistry for children begins six months after the eruption of the first tooth and continues throughout life. Preventive dentistry is a practice that should be done with the cooperation of parents and dentists.

Preventive Dentistry in Ohio

It is also of great importance to choose a dental clinic in order to have the brightest smile by consulting the field of preventive dentistry. 

Kings Dental is the right clinic for gaining regular habits and applying treatments from a young age with dentists specialized in this field. 

You can trust Kings Dental, which has doctors who specialize in not only preventive dentistry but also other dental fields in Ohio and the surrounding area. 


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