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Porcelain Veneers in Cincinnati

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Porcelain Veneers in Cincinnati


Porcelain tooth coating is a treatment method applied to improve the appearance of damaged or defective teeth. The patients from Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Dayton, and Southeastern Indiana area who experienced a great treatment environment and trustful process knows and prefers Kings Dental for their porcelain veneers too. To be sure if you require porcelain veneers, we recommend to read below:

What are porcelain veneers?

It is used to change the color and shape of the teeth, to close the gaps between the teeth, or to correct misaligned teeth. The porcelain veneers specially designed and produced in the laboratory for each patient after the tooth measurement and mold work are done, are the nail-thick shells that are affixed on the teeth.

Who cannot receive porcelain veneer treatment?

Who are the suitable candidates for porcelain veneers?

Those who have laminate veneers are usually people who have color defects in their teeth due to reasons such as using antibiotics or hereditary reasons. In addition, this method can be applied to a certain level of tooth appearance disorders. As a diastema closure method, it is possible to benefit from laminate veneer application in order to correct the split tooth appearance. This method is also used for the discolored or distorted fillings to have a smoother appearance. Besides, those with broken or worn teeth can also choose this method of peace of mind for tooth restoration.

Porcelain Tooth Coating Types

Porcelain tooth coating types show that there is more than one treatment method that the patient needs and the dentist deems appropriate. Porcelain tooth coating types are as follows; Porcelain tooth coating, ceramic tooth coating, or metal tooth coating… The main material in these coating types is porcelain. However, the material supporting the coating in the treatment may be metal or ceramic. When making a porcelain tooth coating, it is important to consider the natural tooth color of the patient. Porcelain tooth coating is made according to the tooth color. It is important to consult your specialist dentist. Kings Dental Clinic in Cincinnati offers the most suitable porcelain tooth for your bright smile.

How long does porcelain veneer last?

When looking at the lifetime of the porcelain veneer tooth, it is seen that it varies from patient to patient. Personal oral care, and whether routine dentist controls are regular or not affect the life of the porcelain veneered tooth. In Cincinnati, you can visit if there is a concern that occurs after treatment. If dental care is regular, it has a life span of 10 or 15 years. Some patients need a change after a while, and some patients do not need to be changed after porcelain tooth coating is applied.

What are the advantages of a porcelain veneer? 

What are the differences between zirconium veneer and porcelain veneer teeth?

Any further questions?

If you have further questions about porcelain veneers and their varieties, you can reach Kings Dental via our website. You can consult our doctors in Cincinnati and learn about the best treatment.


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