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Dental implants: Are they permanent?


Teeth are an essential part of our bodies’ functionalities; they are the first path to a vital element: food; it helps for easy digestion before reaching out to the stomach.

Moreover, it represents the face’s mirror, and it is one of the main features that make us look attractive, they prevent bones atrophy and maintain the jaw shape young and healthy.

However, anyone might risk losing them due to several factors, such as gum’s infection, pregnancy, teeth injury, osteoporosis, tooth decay, improper mouth hygiene.

Despite the improvement that we are reaching consistently nowadays, especially in the medical sphere, millions of Americans suffer tooth loss, mostly due to the factors mentioned above.

For years, the only available option was bridges, but today things are changing, and a new efficient treatment option has emerged; dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants act as the tooth root; they provide a strong foundation to fix the replacement tooth or bridge to look and feel exactly like the natural tooth.

They are considered as the standard care for prosthetic replacement of missing teeth. The dental implant will be fixed and placed into the jawbone, and over a few months, it will be fused with your bone like a natural tooth. This process of fusion is called “osseointegration.”

The majority of dental implants are made of Titanium, which facilitates the integration of the implant with the bone without alerting the body about a strange object. This advantage made the success rate of dental implants close to 98%.

Why consider dental implants?

Dental implants have countless advantages, and they are the medical option that stands out above the rest.

After losing a tooth, you tend to lose some of your bone mass in the jaw; it is crucial to have teeth to maintain the healthy mass bone. Dental implants are the only treatment that perfectly plays this role, and they are the single tooth replacement that stimulates the jaw bone.

They don’t require to own special tools or products to clean or to provide the necessary hygiene. Toothbrush and floss are fair enough to take care of your implants; you will be cleaning them as you are cleaning your natural teeth.

As mentioned previously, dental implants are made of Titanium, which gives them the ability to bite and eat with the same force that you would do with your natural teeth. They are anchored into your jaw. Consequently, there is no chance for them to move or fall.

Unlike the natural tooth, dental implants don’t get cavities, because the material can’t decay. There is no chance to get a cavity in your implant.

However, hygiene and care are paramount to prevent any gum’s infection caused by the accumulation of bacteria.

Needless to mention that the smile is the universal language, so anyone desires to have the perfect one.

Dental implants can provide you the perfect smile with the same feeling as your natural teeth. By consequence, it will improve your self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself.

With missing teeth, one cannot eat properly and will get digestion issues. Thanks to dental implants chewing and swallowing will be more comfortable, chewy and crunchy foods can be added to your diet.

Also, you will get rid of any digestion problem that you may encounter before.

Are dental implants permanent?

Dental implants offer unparalleled stability, natural-looking, and require no extra maintenance.

With proper care and hygiene, dental implants last 25 years and even for a lifetime if you follow simple instructions and mouth hygiene routine.

A variety of factors influences the age of your dental implants:

The more you pay attention to your teeth care, the more they last with you, the same equation applies to dental implants. Only a few steps like daily flossing and brushing can determine your implant’s age.

Do not try to open something with your implants, shewing, or bite hard objects like pens and pencils tips.

It is imperative to find the right specialist to place your dental implants. Skilled and experienced dentists will know your needs precisely, and if you need any bone grafting to hold the dental implant.

Experts will recognize the progress of osseointegration and whether your jawbone has completely absorbed the implant.

These factors determine the durability of your dental implants.

To conclude, science has been developing day after day in our favor to come out with this brilliant invention, a dental implant. It is worth to be considered if you need to get back your healthy life, smile, and the sensation of natural teeth.

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