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Is dental filling painful?

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Is dental filling painful?


Decaying teeth cause pain in a very short time and lead the patient to seek treatment. In this case, a dental filling is the first and most effective treatment method. But when a patient comes across a dental filling in search of treatment, he/she first wonders if fillings hurt.

By learning what a dental filling is and its function, they can clear the question marks in their minds.

What is a dental filling?

A tooth filling is the filling made into the cavity formed after cleaning the decayed teeth.

The dentist will fill the cavity formed after the cleaned caries so that the tooth can perform its functions. However, in this treatment, the special filler gel used is not directly injected. Due to the content of the gel, a meticulous application should be made by the dentist.

The dental filling, which has more than one type is decided by the dentist, and the most correct filling type is selected for the patient’s tooth.

Types of dental fillings:

There are two different types of dental fillings: White and black.

The oldest known type of filling is amalgam fillings. Its color varies as gray and black. With the development of technology, the prevalence of this filling in dentistry has decreased and amalgam filling has been replaced by newer white. White fillings are also known as a composite fillings.

How to choose a suitable dental filling?
The choice of filling is determined by dentists rather than patients by examining many situations. The patient’s jaw structure, how much the decay covers the tooth, whether the tooth should be removed, and the proximity of the tooth decay to the surrounding tooth and gingiva are calculated by the dentist, then the necessary filling type is decided.

How does the dentist detect caries?

As we mentioned above, the dentist is the only person who decides which filling is suitable for the tooth. But, before the treatment, your doctor also determines which tooth needs the filling operation.

There are some visible signs of tooth decay. The dentist detects cavities with the help of a metal instrument called a probe. Also, a dye called “bruise dye” is rinsed in the mouth by the patient. The dark paint adheres to the decayed teeth, and it becomes easier to detect the decayed tooth.

Some dental caries cannot be seen by any color change and visible differences. For this reason, the preferred X-ray method is used not only for dental caries but also for the treatment of bruxism and broken teeth. The caries of the teeth are detected by the doctor after the X-ray film.

Is dental filling painful?

The purpose of a dental filling is to correct tooth decay or cavities and alleviate any discomfort that may be caused. Thanks to the anesthesia applied by the dentist during tooth filling, no pain is felt.

It is quite common to experience some pain and sensitivity after a dental filling procedure. However, with the painkillers recommended by the dentist, this pain can be eliminated immediately.

After the dental filling procedure…

If you feel tenderness and pain after your dental appointment and several days after your treatment, there may be several reasons such as:

Dental fillings are the exact solution for cavities. But to be flawless, and perfect, it is also significant to choose the expert dentist. You can always consult Kings Dental, Cincinnati via phone or filling the form on our website.

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