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How common are teeth grinding?

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How common are teeth grinding?


Experiencing pain in the chin, and suffering while eating can affect a person’s life considerably. Upon reflection, you can see that the harbinger of many different mouths and jaw problems is caused by the habit of grinding teeth. According to the researches of recent years, teeth grinding is more common because of its cannot be determined by the patients easily.

What are teeth grinding?

Teeth grinding, whose scientific name is bruxism, is the conscious clenching of the jaw and teeth during sleep. While this habit is acquired later, it can also be found in the patient genetically. In fact, according to studies, bruxism can occur in 2 out of 5 people.

If you are experiencing some pain in daily life and wondering if it is due to teeth grinding, you should pay attention to the symptoms listed below:

What are the symptoms of teeth grinding?

It is seen more clearly, especially in the front of the teeth. Teeth rubbing against each other and associated abrasion is a sign of bruxism.
Teeth grinding causes cracks on the tooth surface after a certain period of time.

Pain in the face and head is a symptom of bruxism. The cause of these pains is due to imbalances in the area of the chewing muscles and teeth in the jaw joint. This imbalance in the closure of the teeth causes temporomandibular joint syndrome due to excessive clenching, problems in the nerves, and chewing muscles. This causes headaches.

Sensitivity to cold foods and drinks may develop, and eating and drinking may turn into a grind.

The most significant source of teeth grinding: Stress

Daily life with its ups and downs can expose a person to intense stress. This situation causes grind teeth during sleep.
Yes, the most important cause of bruxism is the person’s emotional stress. The stress factor is the source of both the occurrence and severity of teeth grinding.

How can you know if you have bruxism?

Of course, the best way to find out if you have a grinding habit is to go to a dental appointment and tell your doctor about the symptoms you have.
Your dentist will ask you the questions listed below and, based on your answers, he/she will assess your likelihood of bruxism:

If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, your treatment process will begin by getting to the foundation of your teeth grinding habit.

How common are teeth grinding?
As we mentioned above, teeth grinding can occur in 2 out of every 5 people. In addition, the age range of this habit is quite wide. Teeth grinding, which can be seen even in children, is around 10% common among the public.

Do you have further questions?
If you have more questions about teeth grinding and treatments, you can contact Kings Dental on the website or via phone. We will be pleased to see you!

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