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Designed for you – Mouthguards

Protect your dental health with mouthguards

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Designed for you – Mouthguards


To cover your teeth and protect them from damages and traumas, mouthguards are always the prior option. These devices have various types for different occasions. Every so often patients might need mouthguards because of sports, teeth grinding, or injuries. However, the material, type, and individuality of these mouthguards are a major factor in dental health. For those in need of these devices, Kings Dental Clinic is the best address for custom-designed mouthguards in Cincinnati.

Who might need a mouthguard?
As we mentioned above, special occasions, such as sports might be damage the patient’s dental health. Basketball, soccer, or lacrosse can be rough and unfortunate injuries could break teeth or jaw. Likewise, it has prevention that will dampen the shock effect of the received impact.

Children may also need to use mouthguards for special activities such as sports and gymnastics. Protecting the oral and dental health of children, especially in the developmental age, will absorb any impact that may come to their bone and muscle development.

Another need for mouthguard use is due to the patient’s teeth grinding or clenching habit. Tooth grinding, known as bruxism, is mostly caused by the stress and anxiety of the patient. The patient may unconsciously grind their teeth in daily life or while sleeping, and in the long term, it may cause serious damages. It can also cause various diseases such as persistent headaches, jaw diseases, or sleep apnea.

How does a mouthguard protect your teeth?
Mouthguards can be used during sleep or activities. It covers the upper and lower teeth while creates a protective barrier. During sleep, if the patient starts grinding or clenching his/her’s, it helps to loosen the tension on the jaw.

As we mentioned above, during other activities such as sports, mouthguards absorb the shock and prevent major damages to the teeth.

What are the types of mouthguards?

Boil and Bite: The material of this mouthguard is thermoplastic. This means that the patient can shape his / her’s mouthguard easily. At first, the device should be put into boiling water and wait for it to be softened. Then it should be placed in the mouth and pressed with the fingers to take the shape of the teeth. Meanwhile, biting for 20-30 seconds will help while taking shape. Then it should be removed from the mouth and the mouthguard should be frozen in cold water. It will then be ready to be used.

Custom-designed: Designed with the measurements taken during the examination, the mouthguard is the type that provides the most accurate fit and comfort for the needs of the patient. It is specially prepared in the clinic and checked by the dentist. The dentist, who decides whether to wear before sleep or before activities such as sports, will convey all the necessary details to the patient with clear information.

What are the benefits of wearing a mouthguard?
Loss of teeth and damage to the jaw and gums can lead to costly and long-lasting treatments. For this reason, a mouthguard is an effective precautionary tool used when needed. It reduces the damage to the nerves, the effect of the impact, and prevents the broken tooth from harming the gums.

It fits and protects. Designed shield for your dental health in Cincinnati.

To take precautions and find a solution for bruxism, you can always reach Kings Dental via phone or on our website.

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