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Dental Crown in Cincinnati

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Dental Crown in Cincinnati


In need of a dental crown, it is important to consult the best dental clinic near you. The patients from all over the globe’s first choice are Kings Dental Clinic, Cincinnati.  Dental crowns makes every patient smile freely. Darkened, the decayed or damaged tooth is not a problem anymore!

What is a dental crown? 

The crown is a prosthesis that imitates the shape of the tooth attached to the damaged and decayed tooth. It is also called veneer or porcelain tooth among the people. 

Crowns are used for a variety of reasons but are often used when the tooth is damaged by decay or fracture that the filling cannot recover. Crown wraps the damaged parts of the tooth and strengthens them by holding them together. Crowns can also be used to make darkened or deformed teeth look aesthetically smooth. Since it is resistant to high rates of bite pressures, it compares it with the results closest to the original teeth in terms of functional properties.

They can be measured in the lab or with a computer scanner and prepared in the clinic.

How dental crown prepared?

If you need a crown, you may also need root canal treatment against large tooth decay or infections of the teeth’s nerves. But not every tooth needs root canal treatment either. But if you have such a problem, Kings Dental will be the best address for you to solve these dental problems in Cincinnati and its nearby.

Apart from the crown, your dentist may need to create an infrastructure to support the crown if there is a lot of material loss, if the crown will be installed after canal treatment, post and core foundation may be required.

To place the crown, your dentist must abrade your teeth to make room for the crown. If a fully anatomical crown is planned, less tooth area is abraded because these crowns are thinner than porcelain metal alloy materials, and today it is more advantageous in terms of dental tissue to prepare anatomical crown prostheses in this way. Rather than using separate materials for the infrastructure, especially in the posterior regions.

After the tooth is abraded, the dentist removes a mold of your tooth by measuring it with a material such as silicone. The dentist also ensures that the closing of your mouth is not affected by taking the size of the tooth above or below the tooth to be crowned.

How dental crowns applied?

Problems such as breaking and abrasion of the protective enamel layer on the tooth due to various impacts, decrease in chewing function are observed. In such cases, the artificial structures created in certain molds depending on the measurements taken by the dentists are applied to the problematic area. 

The artificially obtained crown is placed in the patient’s mouth and permanently attached after adjusting the chewing and speaking functions. To stick the crown to the relevant part of the tooth, an incision is applied to it. Making the incision is to ensure that the teeth to be coated with the natural teeth are the same and to protect the naturalness in terms of appearance. During the procedure, the patient will not feel any pain or ache. It should be noted that the patient did not show any signs of discomfort while the procedure was performed in the locally anesthetized area.

How to take care of the dental crowns?

For dental crowns to be long-lasting and natural-looking, the habit of regularly brushing teeth should be acquired. When attention is paid to oral hygiene and care, both crowns and natural teeth will be preserved, so the patient will be able to fulfill his daily life functions easily. 

In addition to all these, it is necessary not to apply very heavy impacts and pressures to the tooth where the crown coating is performed. Care should be taken not to break foods such as walnuts and hazelnuts that will strain the teeth. Finally, you should go to the dentist for regular checks and get information about the condition of the crown coatings.

How the dental crown will look like?

The primary goal of the dentist at the stage of crown coatings is to achieve the closest results to the natural appearance. In the process of comparing the coating to natural teeth, factors such as the harmony of the tooth color with other teeth and the size match are taken into account.

What are the advantages of the dental crown?

What are the advantages of full porcelain dental crown?

Metal-backed porcelains give the appearance of a dark space in some lights (disco, camera flash, etc.) as if they were absent in the mouth. Full porcelain, on the other hand, passes all kinds of light like natural teeth. While full porcelains create a very similar aesthetics to the natural tooth structure as they pass light, metal-porcelains have dullness and artificiality even if they are very well made. 

For this reason, full porcelains are preferred especially for the front teeth. Since there is no metal in the substructure in those without metal support, there is no dark line at the crown-gingiva level. A more aesthetic appearance is provided. Metal-supported porcelains are mechanically bonded to the tooth. Full porcelains are attached to the teeth mechanically and chemically. 

Therefore, their retention is much higher than metal supports. There is no risk of allergy to some metals used in the infrastructure (nickel etc.) in full porcelain. When the gums are receded, full porcelains preserve their aesthetic appearance, while metal porcelains create a bad appearance in the area where they combine with the tooth.

What is the best material for dental crowning?

The dentist will make a final decision on the condition of your teeth. The most preferred crown veneers are veneers made from porcelain. We see that it is frequently preferred in metal-supported porcelain coatings. The main difference between the two is that the full porcelain veneer type offers a more aesthetic appearance.

Full porcelain crown tooth without metal support:

Metal-free porcelain crowns can be applied to people whose teeth have been cut before. Crown (coating) and bridges made by placing porcelain on zirconium are known with the short name CERCON, which consists of combining the words Ceramic and Zirconium. 

The system with a resistance of 900 Mpa has started a brand new era in dentistry by covering the highest physical values, light transmission feature, tissue compatibility, and many different indications. 

Although many things affect the appearance of crowns, the most important is their reaction to light. Natural teeth are translucent. As a result, depth and vitality appear in the tooth. Due to the light transmission properties of porcelain crowns without metal support, their depth and vitality are higher, so that the closest results to the natural tooth are obtained.

After operation care…

Although the patient does not feel any discomfort after the crown is placed in its place, if there are still nerves in the tooth, sensitivity to hot and cold may occur. If you feel pain or tenderness when you bite, you should see your dentist. This may mean that the crown is usually high and, if not late, it is usually corrected simply.

Especially crowns made of porcelain can be broken. This problem can sometimes be solved inside the mouth. Your dentist can prepare the porcelain and glue the fracture with the help of special glue. If the fracture is severe or cannot be repaired, the crown should be renewed. Besides, you can consult of your every concern to special surgeons of Kings Dental, Cincinnati.

What is the cost of a dental crown?

After an appointment with Kings Dental Clinic in Cincinnati, your dentist will be answering your exact questions about costs. For general, dental crown prices are about $ 1500.

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