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Everything You Need to Know about Dental Bone Grafting


What Is a Dental Bone Grafting and How It Works?

A bone graft is a medical procedure used for treating bone or joint issues. It is used to make up fresh tissue in your jaw area, which is used to contain teeth. A tiny incision is made in your gum, and then grafting material is applied to reveal the bone underneath it. The grafting material is the most commonly processed bone that acts as a scaffold in an area where new bone cells can be produced. The essential grafting material can come from several elements, among which your own body. However, very often, it is an animal or human donor’s bone collected by a laboratory to make it sterile and convenient.

When Is Bone Grafting Needed?

The dentist-surgeon can perform bone grafting for various reasons, including injuries, traumas, and diseases. When you lose a tooth, the bone around begins to dissolve. Gum disease may also cause jaw bone thinning. Perhaps the bone loss from only one tooth is not visible. But your bone loss can affect the way your face looks if you lose multiple teeth or have advanced gum disease.

Types of Dental Bone Grafting

For dental implants, there are many sources of bone grafting material used to retain or augment bone. Relevant studies have funded both of these materials. They are safe for using, reducing the risk for transmission of rejection or illness.

What to Expect?

Typically, the treatment for inserting a bone graft needs local anesthesia, but it is often common to use oral or IV sedatives to achieve a higher relaxation condition. Since a minor incision has to be made in the gum tissue to reach the underlying bone that will receive the graft, you can feel some soreness following the surgery in the area. This pain may typically be handled after the operation by over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications or pain relievers and ice treatment. It will take your body up to seven months for bone maturation to take place to receive your dental implant, but you can quickly feel fully back to normal. The waiting time allows enough time for the healing process to achieve the desired outcome: the ideal support for replacement teeth that look great and last for a lifetime.


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