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Bad Breath: Symptoms & Causes & Treatment


Halitosis, known as bad breath, is an uncomfortable condition that disturbs a person and can adversely affect their daily life. The reason for the odor in the mouth is usually due to the person’s inability to maintain adequate oral hygiene. However, despite the provision of oral hygiene, halitosis may develop due to other diseases.

What causes halitosis?

Generally, it is physiologically normal to have an irritating odor in the morning. It is the result of food accumulation in the previous evening. This odor is not permanent and will dissipate after dental brushing and oral care.

What causes bad breath even after brushing?

Is bad breath a sign of illness?

The answer to this question is yes. There are mouth odors caused by pathological conditions. Halitosis can be a sign for many diseases such as:

Especially the acetone-fruit odor in diabetics and the ammonia-like halitosis that occurs in kidney diseases are very significant.

What kind of treatment should I seek to get rid of bad breath?

For healthy oral hygiene, it is recommended to have dental examinations twice a year. To protect your oral health, you can call Kings Dental Clinic for an appointment or fill in the form on our website for consulting.


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