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What Changes In Your Life After Dental Implants


What are the Changes engendered by Dental Implants?

The dental implant is a surgical procedure, and special post-implant treatment is required, as with any surgery. It is up to your dentist that you do not experience pain or discomfort immediately after a dental implant. However, in the future, it is up to you to sustain the success of the surgery. You should pay attention to several things in your daily life, such as not drinking cold drinks or doing strenuous exercise immediately after having an operation.

Postoperative considerations are as follow:

Eating and drinking:

Swelling: Swelling on your face is normal after surgery and passes up to 2-3 days after surgery. Swelling can be minimized by using a cold pack, ice pack, or a bag-frozen cloth wrapped in a towel and applying it to the cheeks adjacent to the surgical area. This ice bag should be used for twenty minutes during the first 24 hours after surgery.

Tooth Brushing: Good and correct oral hygiene practices are fundamental as always after dental implant surgery. You can continue brushing your teeth 24 hours after the implant procedure. Soft-bristled brushes will help you much more gently brushing. You should not use additional products such as mouthwashes for 14 days after implant. It is okay to return to your daily care routine afterward.

After Dental Implant treatment, Oral Hygiene is key.

Implant application is not recommended for patients who cannot provide adequate oral hygiene. If you want to use an implant for a long time, it is necessary to pay great attention to oral hygiene, because implants need extra care and cleaning.

Insufficient oral hygiene leads to implant loss. It might be unrecommended to patients who are not able to follow the required hygiene.

When you finish the recovery period successfully, you can return to your usual diet. Still, it is recommended that you limit the use of alcohol and tobacco products to prevent any dental discomfort that may occur.


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