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What causes teeth sensitivity?

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What causes teeth sensitivity?


Have you ever felt a momentary pain when trying a very hot or cold food or drink? Or have you noticed that your gums hurt after brushing your teeth? Although it may seem like a temporary condition, tooth sensitivity is a very severe dental problem that should never be ignored.

If no precautions are taken, tooth sensitivity can cause different health problems by affecting the teeth, gums, and tongue in the mouth in advanced stages.

What is teeth sensitivity?

There is a layer of dentin that covers the teeth. However, sensitivity begins with the damaged gum tissue that covers the teeth. This damage causes pulled gum tissue. The damaged gingiva and dentin layer cannot protect the teeth completely. Because of that, sensitivity is evident in every bitter, sweet and cold food or drink.

If you are feeling sudden nerve impulses with every bite, this means you are experiencing teeth sensitivity.

What causes teeth sensitivity?

Above, we talked about how tooth sensitivity manifests itself. However, there are many symptoms that patients should be aware of, which also cause tooth sensitivity.

How to prevent tooth sensitivity?
To protect from tooth sensitivity, you must use soft-head toothbrushed and dentist-approved teeth products. It is also wise to see a dentist in regular order. Consuming acidic, too cold and hot, also hard food increase sensitivity, plus tobacco is harmful to teeth and general health.

Further questions?
To take precautions and find a solution for tooth sensitivity, you can always reach Kings Dental via phone or on our website.

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