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Tobacco and Dental Health: The Effects of Tobacco Use on Oral Health


Daily, experts explain the harms of using tobacco, and they advise people to stop consuming this lesion. Smoking and other forms of tobacco have fatal effects on both body and dental health. Let us have a look at tobacco’s side effects, causes, and solutions.

What is tobacco used for, and are they all harmful?

Tobacco can be consumed with smoking and chewing. There are other consuming types such as pipes. Electronic cigarettes became popular lately, and science has proved that they are not less harmful than regular cigarettes. To sum up, the answer to this question is yes, all types of tobacco have adverse effects on health.

How smoking affects your health?

Smoking or tobacco use is very harmful to oral and dental health. We can list these damages as follows:

Smoking causes bad breath, affects the chemistry of the mouth, and causes excessive plaque formation. People who smoke should remember that they always have to live with bad breath. At the same time, smoking causes teeth and gum discoloration. Smokers may experience gum problems, decreased sense of taste, and inflammatory formations in the mouth as well as decreased immunity.

Is smoking bad for oral health?

The answer to this question is yes. Smoking side effects on oral health are listed below:

What does smoking do to your mouth?

Besides addiction and mouth cancer, smoking has other effects inside of the mouth.

Nicotine and tarry substances cause teeth discoloration.

If the teeth pigmentation is intense, and the number of smoked cigarettes daily is high, it may become hyper difficult to recover and whiten the teeth. Exposing your teeth to the chemicals weakens the non-replaceable protective layer in the tooth enamel, causing teeth sensitivity and deep discoloration.

As the chemicals in tobacco products weaken the tooth’s protective enamel, the teeth become weak against bacteria, acids, and other destructive germs. Consequently, it is easier for teeth with a fragile defense shield to decay.

Since smokers’ tooth enamel is weak, enamel surfaces become sensitive to heat and cold. There are kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes specific to smokers, but these are almost ineffective against the damage caused by smoking. Smokers should visit their dentists regularly to take care of their oral health.

Does smoking kill bacteria in your mouth?

The answer to this question vibes that smoking has advantages too, but no, even though smoking kills several bacteria in the mouth, it leaves harmful ones which can cause gum diseases, bad breath, and tooth decay.

Does vaping affect teeth?

As we mentioned above, all types of cigarettes affect teeth and oral health. Vaping causes the death of the gum tissue while smoke gets into the mouth. Besides, nicotine slows the blood flow.

Does smoking make a tooth infection worse?

If oral hygiene is not properly performed, the patients experience a different kind of dental problems. If there is inflammation in the gums, smoking reduces the healing process and makes the infection worse.

What is a smoker’s tongue?

Smoking leaves small particles on the tongue that will be increased by themselves and causes tongue discoloration. It could be black, yellow, green, or brown.

Does smoking affect the lips?

Every smoker can experience hyperpigmentation, which means dark lips and tongue, due to cigarette consumption. This situation generally starts one year after using regular tobacco products.

Will my gum heal if I stop smoking?

Restoring gums can be possible only with effective treatments.

Can the dentist tell if you vape?

Dentists are experts, and smoking causes differences between smokers and non-smokers. With a quick examination, dentists can tell if you are vaping or smoking.

What happens to the mouth after quitting smoking?

It is never late to quit smoking. The best solution to all the tobacco side effects is, of course, stopping it. In some cases, people who stopped smoke experience pain in their teeth. It is because while smoking, the gum develops a protective wall to the older gum tissue. When consumption stops, these walls disappear slowly. Since the wall hides the caused pain, the patient starts to feel again. But with the beginning of the healing process, this pain will start to disappear. You may also notice other diseases such as bleeding, discoloration.

And at this point, you should immediately see your dentist for treatment to prevent further damages. You can call Kings Dental Clinic to get the best treatment or fill the form on our website to consult.

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