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Sedation Dentistry & FAQ


What is sedation?

First of all, we should start by answering the questions about what sedation is and its function?

Sedation, which is often confused with anesthesia, is a different procedure. However, sedation is a more recent method in the medical field. People are just getting familiar with this term. Sedation is a method that allows the patient to sleep before any surgical operation. The function of sedation is more to assist anesthesia.

What are the differences between sedation and anesthesia?

While using sedation, the patient is awake.

While using anesthesia, the patient is unconscious.


How is sedation applied?

There is more than one method for sedation; the doctors will choose the appropriate action based on the patient’s condition. The specialist can inject the medication by opening the vascular access. The other method is the oral medication, which will affect the body. The third method is that sedation is injected into the body using the respiratory technique. There are important matters in this method, such as maintaining blood pressure and oxygen level in the body.

What should you wear before the procedure?

Patients can come to the clinic by wearing comfortable clothes. It is recommended not to wear accessories such as rings, belts, and earrings.

Is it okay to drink or eat before the operation?

Patients should not eat or drink for 6 hours before surgery. This rule is a general opinion about dental operations, but the dentist will tell you the best decision about eating and drinking according to your treatment.

Who can be sedated?

The sedation method is used even in very young children. In some cases, it is even preferred, especially for children. Since there are various and different application methods, the dentist will choose the most suitable for the patient according to the following conditions:

They can also ask for sedation.

What are the effects of sedation?

There are two types of sedation. In the first of these, the patient is conscious but does not feel any pain or ache. The patient can hear the doctor and answer questions. Also, if the patient needs to do something during the operation, the patient can understand.

In the second type of sedation method, the patient is completely asleep. The patient does not hear anyone and cannot answer questions. Commonly, a patient who is sedated wakes up five or ten minutes after the procedure.

Can the patient return to daily life on the same day?

The answer is yes. The patients who had been sedated can return to work and daily life on the same day. It is recommended not to do something that requires attention, such as driving. They should avoid risky procedures such as drinking alcohol and using non-prescription medicines.

Is it okay to sleep after the procedure?

There is no problem with sleeping after receiving a dental operation with dental sedation. Most children want to sleep afterward of the procedure, but adults can sleep too.

What are the side effects of sedation?

The side effects of sedation are negligible. Thus, it is considered very safe. Some allergic reactions may occur due to the drugs used. However, these side effects can be resolved immediately.

Does dental sedation work?

The answer is also yes. It is mostly preferred by patients who are afraid of dental appointments. Dental sedation is used for much more comfortable and relaxed operations for every patient.


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