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Oral Cancer Screening

Eliminate your worries with early diagnosis at Kings Dental. - Oral Cancer Screenings

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Oral Cancer Screening


As with many types of cancer, oral cancer is a disease that needs to be taken very seriously and has a fast healing process with early diagnosis. Therefore, accurately recognizing the symptoms of this cancer and being able to “self-examine” will help the patient take precautions before a dental appointment. A doctor’s examination is a must to avoid confusing oral cancer with an ordinary mouth sore. The patient should consider the eating and drinking habits in the last 14 days. For instance, very hot or spicy meals can cause abrasion or tongue sores. And avoiding dental care or brushing teeth incorrectly, harms the gum and tongue.

What causes oral cancer?

Oral cancer, which is a type of cancer seen in the mouth, tonsils, inside the lips, and above the lips, can occur especially with heavy smoking and alcohol consumption. With early diagnosis, chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy can be prevented. Noticing the symptoms of oral cancer may be difficult at first, but it is not impossible. The benefits of regular check-ups increase the successful treatment percent.

What are the symptoms of oral cancer?

Oral cancer symptoms can be seen in one or more ways. It may not be noticed by the patient in the early stages, but the condition of a patient who does not avoid dental appointments can be recognized and diagnosed by his/her dentist.

Does oral cancer spread fast?

Oral cancers tend to be spread rapidly if the cancer type is “squamous cell carcinoma”. Also, heavy tobacco and alcohol use directly affect the risk.

Is mouth cancer curable?

Dentists easily recognize the early stages of oral cancer. Especially if the symptoms are seen on lips or tongue, during the examination, the dentist can diagnose it. In fact, a common disease like oral cancer has a high percentage of healing rate.

Who is most at risk for oral cancer?

Oral cancer can be seen at any age but the latest research proves that being older than 45 years old increases the risk. As we mentioned above, consuming tobacco and alcohol highly affect the risk too.

Where does mouth cancer spread first?

If oral cancer is left untreated, it is more likely to metastasis to lymph modules and the neck. However, at late stages, it can be spread to the lungs.

Where is oral cancer most commonly found?

Oral Cancer Screenings in Cincinnati

To be eliminating oral cancer worries, it is significant to have screenings and early diagnosis. You can consult Kings Dental to receive detailed screenings, and take precautions in Cincinnati.

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