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Dentist in Milford

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Dentist in Milford


Daily life can be hectic with its ups and downs, but nothing is more important than neglecting dental care. Because dental health, if forgotten, can cause much bigger problems and give the patient a hard time. For this reason, the patient should spare time for care such as brushing and flossing and take precautions against problems with regular dental examinations.

However, if the patient is suffering from unexplained pain and soreness in the teeth and jaw, he/she should soon visit Kings Dental and find out about the problem.

Dentistry has a wide range of fields, and each field requires special expertise. It is also very important to make the right choice to get rid of all your dental problems at once with the best dentists in the field.

What is dental specialty?
The fields in which dentists specialize by choosing are called specialty dentistry. These fields are as follows:

If you are in need of a specialty dentist in Milford, Ohio; you can always reach Kings Dental and professional dentists.

Where is Milford, Ohio located?
Milford is a city in Clermont County, Ohio, United States. Its located across the Little Miami Scenic River and along Columbia Parkway.

What is the population of Milford, Ohio?
According to a census conducted on March 15, 2010, it was determined that the population of the city consisted of 30,978 people, 14,977 houses, and 8,246 families. It was determined that the population distribution in the city consisted of 64.0% White, 33.0% African American, 0.1% Native American, 1.2% Asian, and 0.6% other peoples. The city of Milford, which brings together different ethnicities, creates a very warm and historical landscape.

What is the history of Milford, Ohio?
Milford’s first inhabitants were people who came to the area in 1796. The first person to arrive here was Revolutionary War veteran Francis McCormick. He brought with him a thousand-acre land grant.

The people of Milford, who lived in agriculture for many years, later created new business lines by using water power.

The oil factory, liquor shops, churches, and stone houses that were opened soon attracted attention, attracting both employees and visitors.
While transportation was provided by bridges at first (bridges were developed and strengthened over the years), finally the construction of the railway started.

Established in 1835 and connecting Springfield and Cincinnati, the railroad only reached Milford in 1841. (Countrywide depression was instrumental in this.)

Today, Milford offers many different activities, attracting tourists with its historical charm. Restaurants and cafes where you can taste great food are accompanied by shopping stores and antiquities.

How to reach Kings Dental from Milford, Ohio?
Reaching Kings Dental is easy from Milford, which is about 16 miles from the Cincinnati downtown!
I-275 N and Mason Montgomery Rd: From the center of the Milford to Kings Dental is only takes 27 minutes. It is 17 miles.
I-275 N and I-71 N Road: It takes 20,7 miles. Approximately 27 minutes.
I-275 N Road: It takes 17,4 miles. Approximately 30 minutes.

Kings Dental: Home of Specialty Dentistry
With the highest technology and specialty dentist, Kings Dental provides the best dental services not only in Milford but also all around Ohio. You can easily reach Kings Dental for further questions via phone or by filling the form on our website.

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