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Dentist in Mansfield

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Dentist in Mansfield


Dentistry is divided into departments that have more than one area, and each area requires specialization. Patients who have problems because of their teeth naturally start to search for the best dentists in their fields. During this research, they encounter Kings Dental Clinic in and around Ohio. Dental treatments needed with specialist dentists are available at Kings Dental.

Except for general dentistry, dentistry includes 12 specialty dentistry. If patients encounter any dental problems despite their daily dental care, they can find a solution by applying to one of these areas.

How many Dental Specialties are there?

There are 12 different specialty dentistry.


If you do not know which specialty dentistry services department covers your dental problem, you can find out by visiting the Kings Dental Cincinnati or by calling right away!

Where is Mansfield, Ohio located?
Mansfield is a city in Richland County, Ohio, United States. It is located between the cities of Columbus and Cleveland and between the states of Northern Ohio.

What is the population of Mansfield, Ohio?
The population of the city is 47,821 on 29 November 2009 and this historical metropolitan’s population is 124,475.

What is the history of Mansfield, Ohio?
The year Mansfield was first established to the public was 1808. The name of the city is dedicated to a general surveyor named James Mansfield.
Mansfield has been a very slow developing city. In fact, in its early years, there were only twenty houses in the city. It was after 1846 that people settled in Mansfield and increased the population. This is due to the establishment of a rail link with Sandusky Ohio.

In the 19th century, Mansfield, the center of manufacturing and trade in the region, owes it all to four different railroads that connect with the city.
In the 2000s, Mansfield was Richland County’s most populated city. It has been voted among the best cities to raise a child in America in many surveys. Today, the city is nicknamed “The Fun Center of Ohio”. And many entertainment centers are testament to this nickname.

How to reach Kings Dental from Mansfield, Ohio?
There are multiple ways to reach Kings Dental clinic from the Mansfield Center. With a great road view, your visit will be turning into a little holiday! These roads are as follows:
I-71 S Road: From Mansfield to Kings Dental, it takes approximately 2 hours 17 minutes. It is 171 miles.
US-30 W and I-71 Road: It takes approximately 3 hours from Mansfield. It is 200 miles.

Kings Dental: Home of Specialty Dentistry
With the highest technology and specialty dentist, Kings Dental provides the best dental services not only in Mansfield but also all around Ohio. You can easily reach Kings Dental for further questions via phone or by filling the form on our website.

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