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Hollywood Smile Treatment


What is Hollywood Smile?

In representing your persona and highlighting your charm, the importance smiles have is colossal. The Hollywood smile procedure aims to change the cosmetic condition of your teeth. Hollywood Smile implies dental crowns placement in both jaws on both teeth, or all visible teeth, including premolars. The name is derived from the film’s eponymous mecca and is used to invoke Hollywood celebrities’ brilliantly bleached teeth. Hollywood Smile is an absolute makeover.

Using Veneers for Hollywood Smile

Veneers are lightweight overlays of a 0.2-0.5 mm thickness intended to cover the surface of the exterior tooth. Veneers are used to improve the teeth’ appearance by repairing their scale, form, and length. A variety of materials can be used, such as composite, ceramic, or zirconium oxide. They have an enhanced transmission of light, requiring the teeth to appear natural. The operation is painless and does not take much time.

Types of Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veneers:

Porcelain veneers require enamel filing. As a preparation for the veneer installation, a sheet as thick as the veneer (around 5 mm) is located deep.


In comparison to porcelain veneers, the sizes of luminaires and their comparatively strained structure do not require the enamel sheet’s filing as a necessary part of the process.

Composite Resin Veneers:

Therefore, composite resins are made of the same product as dental fillings. It may be difficult to change them to meet a specific shape and hue characteristics. Composite veneers do appear much like plastic.

What Will You Do If You Get Bored with Your “New” Smile?

The people who will have the procedure should not forget that there is a possibility of getting bored with the smile’s new appearance. If porcelain veneers are applied, it is tough to remove them from your teeth. However, the ironic part is that the porcelain veneer is the most recommended veneer type because it does not lose color quickly. Yet, as an additional option, composite laminate is also accessible. Composite laminates can change color over time, but if you get bored with this appearance, they can be removed. Therefore, at this point, you have to make your choice following your wishes.

How veneers used for Hollywood Smile?

Let’s say that you decided to apply the veneers and took action with your new smile. So, how’s the process going to proceed?

First of all, the specialist will take some photos of your teeth and jaw structure. Also, modelling will be done with the measurements taken.

Computer technologies help the specialist design the veneers in line with the patient’s lip, face, and tooth proportions. Accordingly, the ideal tooth form and dimensions will be determined.

Prototypes of the patient’s teeth will be prepared with these models.

When the prototypes are ready, they are applied to the patient’s mouth, allowing them to see how they will look like the result. All these transactions take place between 7 and 10 days only.

Hollywood Smile Using Teeth Whitening Techniques 

For a charming smile, one of the most important details we want is white teeth. With the procedure determined by your dentist, teeth whitening may be recommended. Teeth whitening is often provided at home or by the dentist, depending on the need.

Criteria to Be Considered in Hollywood Smile Designs

When our lips are in a free position, and our mouth is slightly open, that is, when we are not laughing, the first aesthetic criterion is that our front teeth appear 1.5-2 mm. This image gives a younger expression to our faces. In later years, teeth wear out, cheeks swing down under the effect of gravity, and teeth begin to appear less.

The second aesthetic criterion is that when our cheeks are fully opened when we smile, there should be no dark areas in our lip corners. While creating a Hollywood smile, these criteria are taken into consideration, and the teeth are designed a little more angled outward, and thus dark triangles are not formed.

Another principle is that our teeth follow the lower lip line when we smile. When we laugh, our lower lip forms a curve, and for an aesthetic appearance, the teeth have to follow this curve from the front to the back.

Another criterion is to determine the proportion between teeth correctly. Our front two teeth should not be longer than our molars. The line passing through the pupils should also be in line with the sharpest ends of the molars. Of course, these rates are not valid for everyone. Everyone has a unique facial structure, and the more compatible the teeth with the general proportions, the more aesthetic appearance is gained. That’s why Hollywood Smile is personalized.

Restrictions on using the technique for the Hollywood Smile

When considering the idea of combining veneers, crowns, or other forms of Hollywood Smile on one jaw and whitening of teeth on the other, confusion can occur. You cannot reach the amount of whiteness that the Hollywood Smile offers by whitening your teeth, but you can make them marginally whiter than the natural shade. Besides, it is significant to retain the whitening’s white look, or else the former color can return.

The Costs of Hollywood Smile Procedure

Procedure prices vary depending on the material used. On average, the costs of a Hollywood smile procedure would change between $3000-$5000. You need to discuss your options with your dentist and make a decision accordingly.

Habits to consider after the procedure

To keep your Hollywood smile’s results, you need to follow daily oral hygiene by using antibacterial mouth wash and flossing. It is also necessary to ensure that food particles do not remain under the veneers, as they will spoil your Hollywood Smile’s durability.

Things to consider after the Hollywood Smile procedure?

Daily oral hygiene is a vital element in preserving Hollywood Smile. It is crucial to use antibacterial mouth wash and flossing. It is also necessary to ensure that food particles do not remain under the veneers, as they will spoil your Hollywood Smile’s durability.

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