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Healthiest Treatment: Mercury-Free Dentistry

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Healthiest Treatment: Mercury-Free Dentistry


More and more benefits and harms of materials used in dental treatments are learned recently. While the filling material, called mercury, was frequently preferred in previous years, its threat to human health today has been proven by researchers. Filling materials containing heavy metal, or mercury, are known in dentistry as amalgam filling. Each amalgam filler contains as much mercury as available on a thermometer.

Mercury fillings in the mouth wear out after a certain period of time. Although this corrosion is not directly effective, heavy metals have been found in blood tests of patients living with mercury fillings for many years. Amalgam fillings are micro-traumatized during chewing, which can cause them to enter the body.

Can mercury leak from amalgam fillings?

Yes, mercury can leak through amalgam fillings. Mercury, known to leak through as a vapor, can enter the body as mentioned above.

Also, it is known that the condition of mercury poisoning can be caused by amalgam filling. Mercury poisoning has many side effects that negatively affect human health. It is harmful to children as well as adults and should be kept away especially from children of developmental age.

What are the contents of amalgam fillings?

Mostly, the reason for the use of amalgam filling in dentistry was that it was economical. But when the contents were looked at, the damage to human health in the long term can be seen.

An amalgam filling is prepared by combining mercury with powders consisting of 70 percent of silver, 23 percent of tin, small amounts of copper and zinc.

This type of filling, which is seen in either black or dark gray color, has been preferred for about 150 years. Amalgam fillings, also known as “silver fillings”, should never be applied, and patients who have this filling should reach their dentist for mercury filling removal.

Does mercury fillings cause health problems?

Even if patients do not experience mercury poisoning, the health problems that mercury fillings can indirectly cause are as follows:

How long do mercury fillings last?

Mercury fillings last from 10 to 15 years, even if they vary from patient to patient.

Should old mercury fillings be removed?

All filler varieties have durability times in different proportions. As mentioned above, this period can be extended up to 15 years in mercury fillings. If wear and tear appear in a filling, of course, old mercury fillings should be removed. However, a patient who wants to be protected from the harms of mercury can make this request by visiting the dental clinic.

Unlike other types of fillings, the removal of mercury fillings is a treatment that must be done meticulously. Therefore, patients need to be careful when choosing their clinic and make sure that they are seeing a specialist surgeon.

Further questions about Mercury-Free Dentistry?

If you want to personally consult about the types of fillings, replacement of old fillings, or the cons of mercury fillings, you can reach Kings Dental via phone or website and receive the benefits of the best Mercury-Free Dentistry in Cincinnati.

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