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Emergency Dentist Cincinnati | Your Trusted Dental Care Cincinnati

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Our doctors have distinguished themselves as leaders in their communities and the field of implant dentistry, winning many awards and earning 100s of 5-Star reviews.


Highest Success Rate in Cincinnati with the Latest Technology

We combine the expertise of our doctors with precision and consistency that the latest in dental technology has to offer, resulting in the highest implant success rate in Cincinnati.

Affordable with 0% Interest Financing Available

Quality dental care shouldn’t break the bank. Thats why we always work to keep our costs affordable and partner with CareCredit and Lending Club for interest-free financing.

Average Cost Comparison

We believe that Dentistry should be accessible and affordable. Thats why we strive to keep our prices lower than the average while still providing exceptional value. If you have insurance, your out-of-pocket expenses will most likely be even less. Below is a cost comparison with average dental fees for the zip code 45242 by Delta Dental. Check for yourself!

Procedure Us Them
Implant Placement $1199 $2,140 to $2,684
Single Socket Bone Grafting $350 to $550 $640 to $930
Implant Abutment & Crown $1500 $1911 to $2140
Success Rate 99% 96%
emergency dentist cincinnati

Cincinnati Dental Implants with Dr. Guy Gunacar

If you are looking for an emergency dentist near me or emergency dentist Cincinnati , you have come to the right place. Whether you need an emergency dentist in Cincinnati or an emergency dentist Dayton Ohio, we can help you find the best dental care for your urgent needs. 

We have a network of qualified and experienced dentists who can handle any dental emergency, from toothaches and broken teeth to infections and abscesses. You don’t have to suffer in pain or risk your oral health by waiting for a regular appointment. 

Just call us or visit our website and we will connect you with the nearest emergency dentist Cincinnati or emergency dentist Dayton Ohio who can see you as soon as possible. Don’t let a dental emergency ruin your day, we are here to help you smile again.

What is a Dental Emergency?


A dental emergency is when you need urgent help from a dentist to stop more damage, pain, or infection. Here are some common ones:


  1. Really bad toothache or sensitivity
  2. Gums or mouth bleeding or swelling
  3. Tooth cracked, chipped, or broken
  4. Tooth got knocked out
  5. Filling, crown, bridge, or denture came loose or is missing
  6. Tooth or gums have an abscess or infection
  7. Mouth, jaw, or face got hurt or injured


Don’t wait if you have these issues. Call us ASAP. Getting help sooner raises your chances of saving your tooth and stopping problems.

What is an Emergency Dentist Cincinnati?


An emergency dentist Cincinnati is like your dental superhero for urgent issues. They handle things like:


  • Intense toothache or infection
  • Cracked, chipped, or broken tooth
  • Loose or knocked-out tooth
  • Gums bleeding or swollen
  • Pus or abscess in your mouth
  • Injuries to mouth, jaw, or face


They’re your pain reliever, damage stopper, and oral health savior. If these troubles hit, don’t wait – rush to an emergency dentist in Cincinnati, not a regular one.


Cincinnati has loads of emergency dentists. They’re open all hours, take walk-ins, offer quick fixes, and let you pay how you want. Spot them on our site or ring our 24/7 line at {Phone Number}. We’ll link you with a nearby emergency dentist pronto. Your smile matters – and we’re on it!

emergency dentist near meHow to Handle a Dental Emergency?


Got a dental emergency? Call us right away at {Our Phone Number}. We’ve got a special line for emergencies and we’re quick to help. We’re open Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. If it’s after hours, our answering service can connect you with a dentist in a pinch.


While you’re waiting for your appointment, here’s how to handle common dental issues:


  1. Severe Toothache:


Rinse your mouth with warm water, and put a cold compress on your cheek. You can also take ibuprofen & acetaminophen for pain. Skip aspirin to avoid bleeding. Don’t try random stuff like clove oil or garlic.


  1. Swollen or Bleeding Gum:


Gargle with warm salt water and press a clean cloth gently. If it won’t stop bleeding in 10 minutes, head to the ER.


  1. Cracked or Broken Tooth: 


Rinse with warm water, save any tooth bits, and put a cold compress on your cheek. Smooth breaks can be covered with sugarless gum or wax.


  1. Knocked-Out Tooth:


Grab it by the top (the part you show when you smile), rinse gently, and try putting it back in its spot. If that’s a no-go, keep it moist in milk, water, or spit. Act fast for a better chance to save it.


  1. Loose or Missing Filling/Crown: 


Rinse, and if you’ve got the piece, bring it. Don’t DIY glue it. If it hurts, sugarless gum or wax can help until you see us.


  1. Tooth or Gum Infection:


Rinse with salt water, cold compress on your cheek. If you’ve got fever, swelling, pus, or a funky taste, don’t wait. You need antibiotics and drainage.


  1. Mouth, Jaw, or Face Injury: 


Rinse, cold compress on the sore part. For cuts, wash ’em and press with a clean cloth. Broken bones or dislocations? Head to the ER pronto.

Why Choose Us as Your Emergency Dentist in Cincinnati?


At our Cincinnati Dental Care, we get how tough dental emergencies can be. That’s why we’re all about providing top-notch care in a comfy setting. Here’s why we’re your go-to emergency dentist in Cincinnati:


  1. Skilled, caring dentists:


Our team’s got the skills to handle any dental emergency. They’re up to date with the latest techniques and tech to ensure you’re safe and satisfied.


  1. Modern facility:


Our place is decked out with all the latest tools. We’re talking digital x-rays, cool intraoral cameras, laser dentistry, and even sedation options to keep your visit smooth.


  1. Flexible hours:


We’re here when you need us. Open six days a week, we take walk-ins and offer same-day appointments. Plus, we’ve got an after-hours service for emergencies.


  1. Affordable options:


We won’t break the bank. Most insurance plans are good with us, and we’ve got financing through CareCredit. Plus, there are special deals for both new and returning patients.


Common signs and symptoms of a dental emergency


Some of the common signs and symptoms that indicate you have a dental emergency are:


  • Persistent or throbbing pain in your tooth or jaw
  • Difficulty chewing or biting
  • Fever, headache, or malaise
  • Swelling or redness in your gums or face
  • Pus or foul-smelling discharge from your mouth
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing

cincinnati dental

Common causes and types of dental emergencies

Alright, let’s talk about some common reasons for dental emergencies:

  1. Tooth decay can get pretty serious. It can infect the nerve and cause trouble.
  2. Gum disease is a sneaky one. It messes up your tooth support and can make ’em wobbly or fall out.
  3. Accidents happen. Sports, tumbles, fights – they can break or knock out teeth and mess up your mouth’s soft parts.
  4. Sometimes dental fixes give up. Wear and tear, bad fits, or not taking care can lead to pain, sensitivity, or infection.

Why you need to see an emergency dentist in Cincinnati

If you’re in a dental emergency, don’t wait or DIY-fix. Get help from an emergency dentist in Cincinnati ASAP. Here’s why:

Why seek emergency dental care?

  • It eases pain
  • Stops more issues
  • Saves your real teeth
  • Brings back your smile and function
  • Keeps you healthy

Why avoid emergency dental care?

  • Things get worse
  • Infection spreads
  • You lose teeth
  • Costly fixes needed
  • Your oral health takes a hit

How to prepare for your emergency dental appointment

Before heading to your emergency dental appointment, remember these steps:

  1. Grab some over-the-counter painkillers or anti-inflammatories for relief from pain and swelling.
  2. Clean your mouth and ward off infection by rinsing with warm salt water.
  3. Ice it up! Place a cold compress or ice pack on your cheek to reduce swelling and bleeding.
  4. Broken or knocked-out tooth? Keep it moist in milk, water, or saliva till you reach the dentist.
  5. If a filling, crown, bridge, or denture is MIA, find it and bring it along.
  6. Skip hot, cold, hard, sticky, or acidic foods/drinks – they could annoy your teeth and gums.
  7. Hold off on smoking, alcohol, and anything that messes with your healing or judgment.

What to bring to your emergency dental appointment

When you go to your emergency dental appointment, you should bring:

  • Your identification card and insurance card (if applicable)
  • A list of any medications, allergies, or medical conditions you have
  • A copy of your dental records and x-rays (if available)
  • A form of payment (cash, check, credit card, etc.)
  • A friend or family member who can drive you home (if needed)

What to do after your emergency dental appointment

After your emergency dental appointment, you should:

  • Follow the instructions and prescriptions given by your emergency dentist
  • Take care of your oral hygiene and avoid any activities that may harm your mouth
  • Eat soft and nutritious foods and drink plenty of water
  • Contact your regular dentist for a follow-up visit and preventive care
  • Seek medical attention if you have any signs of infection, fever, or severe pain

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