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Do braces change your face?

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Do braces change your face?


Wearing braces plays a major role in changing the structure of the mouth and jaw by taking the first step in a long-term treatment process. Of course, it would not be correct to say that every person gets the same results in braces that have more than one type and various treatment processes are applied. However, the important thing is that the patient’s life changes positively after the braces are removed and returning his/her’s social and daily life with magnificent teeth.

What are braces?
Before the results, it is necessary to talk about the braces and the treatment process. Braces are metal, transparent or invisible wires that are worn by dentists to correct the crooked-looking teeth in the mouth, regulate the irregular tooth alignment and improve the oral structure.

Are braces painful?

After talking with your dentist and learn that you should wear braces, you may have wonder if this procedure is painful. The answer is simple, no.

You will not get hurt during the brace set because the brackets placed on the tooth are fixed by bonding. There are no cases of drilling holes in the tooth surface. After the brackets are attached, the arc irons are fixed by passing them through the appropriate grooves in the brackets.

If you need to find out if some of your teeth have been pulled before braces are put on, it is related to your dental condition. In similar cases such as caries, the tooth should be extracted beforehand, and the mouth is prepared for treatment.

Occasionally, some teeth may need to be extracted in order to have braces installed, in cases where milk teeth do not fall out, and you have more teeth than they should be. Although these are rare conditions, they are significant interventions for your oral health. None of these procedures cause unbearable pain or suffering.

How many types of teeth braces are there?

While there are actually many types of braces, there are three most common.

Do braces change your face?
One of the biggest mistakes known about wearing braces is the shape change and distortion that may occur in the shape of the lip at the end of the treatment process. During and after braces application, there will be a positive improvement in lip shape, along with the corrected tooth shape and structure, with the opposite effect.

Of course, facial change is added to this magnificent change in teeth and lips. You can observe that a more natural and symmetrical expression sits on your face shortly after the wires are removed.

Do you have further questions?
If you have more questions about braces and results, you can contact Kings Dental on the website or via phone. We will be pleased to see you!

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