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Specialty Dentist in Fairfield

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Specialty Dentist in Fairfield


Dental health is a very important issue that should never be neglected. From time to time, situations that require treatment may arise and the patient seeks the dentist who is the most expert in his/her field.

In dentistry, apart from general dentistry, there are 12 specialties. Dentists gain expertise by training in their chosen fields. Specialty dentist manages the process with its expertise in a rapid treatment operation, post-treatment recovery, and regular check-ups by providing definitive solutions to dental problems.

How many Dental Specialties are there?
As we mentioned above, there are 12 specialties of dentistry. These are as follows:

If you are in need of a specialty dentist in Fairfield, Ohio; you can always reach Kings Dental and professional dentists.

Where is Fairfield, Ohio located?
Fairfield is a city in Butler and Hamilton counties, Ohio, USA. The population of the city is 42,510 according to the 2010 census. It is situated on the east bank of the Great Miami River. And approximately, beautiful and historical Fairfield is 25 miles away from Cincinnati.

What is the history of Fairfield, Ohio?
In 1787, Major Benjamin Stites wrote a letter to Judge John Cleves Symmes, who is a colonel in Revolutionary War, and a congressman in New Jersey saying: the perfect garden spot he is ever seen. Of course, he mentioned Fairfield land.

Judge Symmes, impressed by these words came to the land and purchased all the fields one by one. And President George Washington not only approved this but also signed a paper of land patent.

The first settlers were veterans of the Revolutionary War. Facing many problems and overcoming them all, Fairfield is now an attractive resting spot and at the same time draws a welcoming impression.

In fact, Fairfield’s nickname proves them all: City of Opportunity.

How to reach Kings Dental from Fairfield?
Kings Dental is only 18 miles away from Fairfield center. You can use OH-129 W road, it will take approximately 27 minutes.

Kings Dental: Home of Specialty Dentistry
With the highest technology and specialty dentist, Kings Dental provides the best dental services not only in Fairfield but also all around Ohio. You can easily reach Kings Dental for further questions via phone or by filling the form on our website.

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