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Is dental filling painful?

  Decaying teeth cause pain in a very short time and lead the patient to seek treatment. In this case, a dental filling is the first and most effective treatment method. But when a patient comes across a dental filling in search of treatment, he/she first wonders if fillings hurt....

What causes teeth sensitivity?

  Have you ever felt a momentary pain when trying a very hot or cold food or drink? Or have you noticed that your gums hurt after brushing your teeth? Although it may seem like a temporary condition, tooth sensitivity is a very severe dental problem that should never be...

How often should you change your toothbrush?

  The discipline of brushing teeth is the cornerstone of having bright smiles and strong teeth and gums for many years. In case of neglect, it is seen that patients receive a doctor's appointment before they know it with different symptoms such as pain, tooth decay, ache. To protect your...

Designed for you – Mouthguards

  To cover your teeth and protect them from damages and traumas, mouthguards are always the prior option. These devices have various types for different occasions. Every so often patients might need mouthguards because of sports, teeth grinding, or injuries. However, the material, type, and individuality of these mouthguards are...

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