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Professional Dental Cleaning in Ohio

  Oral care should be done regularly in order to protect oral and dental health in every period of life from childhood to adulthood and to prevent gum diseases, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Oral and dental care includes elements such as regular tooth brushing, flossing, tongue cleaning. These cleaning...

Preventive Dentistry in Ohio

  Preventive dentistry is the base of dentistry as well as all health services. The goal is to keep the teeth healthy throughout the whole life. Problems that may occur over time are prevented by preventive dentistry practices. Existing problems; if there are any, are treated. The success of the...

Do braces change your face?

  Wearing braces plays a major role in changing the structure of the mouth and jaw by taking the first step in a long-term treatment process. Of course, it would not be correct to say that every person gets the same results in braces that have more than one type...

How common are teeth grinding?

  Experiencing pain in the chin, and suffering while eating can affect a person's life considerably. Upon reflection, you can see that the harbinger of many different mouths and jaw problems is caused by the habit of grinding teeth. According to the researches of recent years, teeth grinding is more...

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