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Implant in West Chester

  West Chester Township is one of the thirteen townships of Butler County, Ohio. And it is located in the southeastern corner of the county. West Chester, the township also included in the Cincinnati Metropolitan area is also only 18 miles north away from Cincinnati. What is the population of...

What are the alternatives to dental implants?

  The solution to many dental problems that may occur in the mouth is solved with the application of dental implants. Treatment with a specialist dentist causes happy smiles and solid self-confidence. However, in some special cases, the dentist makes the best decision for the patient's oral health by suggesting...

Temporary Bridges

  Teeth bridges are an old method used in the treatment of dental diseases. The simple and long-term bridge process applied after tooth fractures, tooth decay, and tooth loss offers effective solutions. Materials used in making a dental bridge: In bridge construction, material selection is made according to the tooth...

How to recover from oral treatment?

  There is more than one dental treatment, and each treatment has a special care process. The important thing is to follow the doctor's recommendations to the letter and not go beyond the rules in order to have a fast recovery process after the treatment.  You can visit our clinic...

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